Viking Sky Loss of Propulsion and Near Grounding 23 Mar 2019 - AIBN Interim Report and video


( On the afternoon of 23 March 2019, the cruise vessel Viking Sky experienced a black-out and loss of propulsion in gale to storm force conditions in the Hustadvika area of the Norwegian Coast. The master immediately sent out a mayday as the ship drifted towards shore.

Viking Sky was owned by Viking Ocean Cruises with technical management provided by Wilhelmsen Ship Management. It was the third in the Viking Star class of cruise vessels, was classed by Lloyd's Register and was registered with the Norwegian International Ship registry (NIS). The vessel had been built at Fincantieri in Italy and was delivered in January 2017.

Viking Sky was manned by 458 crew and was carrying 915 passengers. Most of the passengers were US (602) and UK (197) citizens, followed by Australians (69) and other nations (47).

Watch the small documentary video below:

The Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) issued the attached interim report dated 12 Nov 2019 on the investigation into the loss of propulsion and near grounding of Viking Sky on 23 Mar 2019.  Initial findings can be found in section 4 (page 7) with one recommendation in section 6 (page 8):

All vessel owners and operators are recommended to ensure that engine lubricating oil tank levels are maintained in accordance with engine manufacturer’s instructions and topped up in the event of poor weather being forecast.

The AIBN safety investigation continues and will include the following areas:

  • Engine room alarm management
  • Passage planning
  • Decision support
  • Lubricating oil management
  • Evacuation and LSA
  • Safety management
  • Local weather conditions and bathymetry
  • Safe Return to Port

Click below to download the AIBN investigation report:

Click below to download the Norwegian Maritime Authority's relevant safety Notice 4/2019:

Watch the rescue operation video below:

Source: AIBN



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