Malta – Marine Safety Investigation into engine room fatality on MV Khosrov Bey


( Transport Malta issued the report of its investigation of the fatal engine room fall of the second engineer on 3 November 2018 onboard the general cargo ship Khosrov Bey in the Black Sea. The fall occurred while the engineer was descending the ladder. Analysis revealed high blood alcohol. 

At noon time on 03 November, the chief engineer, the third engineer, the electrical engineer, and one motorman were all in the engine control room.
The second engineer was making his way down to the engine-room to take over the watch from the third engineer. The electrical engineer, from the control room’s window, saw the second engineer descend the first few steps of the stairway from the upper deck to the engine control room platform. After a short while, when he looked out again, he saw the second engineer lying on the deck seemingly motionless and rushed to help him. First aid was administered, but the second engineer remained unresponsive.

The autopsy report revealed no narcotic or psychotropic drugs, but confirmed a presence of ethanol in blood (0.253 %) and in the eye fluid (0.267 %).

Click below to download the Malta Marine Safety interim Investigation report

Source: Transport Malta

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