ABS Maritime Digital Solutions

(http://www.MaritimeCyprus.com) Chartering the journey toward a data-driven and digitalized industry through flexible, comprehensive solutions that focus on structural and machine integrity management. Through the ABS Digital Solutions portfolio, customers experience a progression that builds upon each solution’s value and delivers a condition-based view of an asset, helping prioritize maintenance and class needs. The digital journey begins with identifying your needs, then assembling the right set of products and tools to address today’s challenges, while paving the way for a safer, more informed and data-driven future.


It all starts with a solid business case and your data. Whether your focus is on a single asset, or a system, or a fleet of vessels, ABS will map out a custom journey to get you from point A to point D(igital). Connect your data with ABS and we’ll connect the dots, delivering a foundation and visualization for your digital future.


Once your asset’s data is analyzed and an infrastructure has been established to collect and monitor changes, ABS offers several data visualization products to understand the lagging indicators associated with your asset’s reliability, condition, performance and maintainability.


The evolutionary event in your digital journey is the fusion of structural leading data, collected and analyzed through sensor technology, with lagging, or historical data. The output is a structural simulation of your asset for monitoring existing critical areas, as well as predicting future structural issues – all in real time.


Through the culmination of data and digital visualization tools supplied throughout the ABS digital journey, customers are empowered to solve physical issues faster by detecting them sooner, design and build better products, and, ultimately, better serve their clients. With this type of smart architecture design, companies may realize value and benefits iteratively and faster than ever before.






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