Cyprus MAIC investigation – Fatality on Ro-Ro M/V ISLE OF INISHMORE March 2019

MAIC Cyprus

( The Cyprus Marine Accident and Incident Investigation Committee (MAIC) examines and investigates all types of marine accidents to or on board Cyprus Flag vessels worldwide, and other vessels in Cyprus territorial waters. The objective of the MAIC in investigating an accident, is the prevention of future accidents by establishing their root causes and circumstances.

Accident Description

On 21/03/2019 about 07:40 LT, during loading operations of un-accompanied drop trailers onboard MV “Isle of Inishmore”, flying Cyprus Flag with IMO No. 9142605, while the vessel was berthed port side to, on Berth No.1 at Rosslare Europort - Ireland, an Able Seaman (A/B) of Latvian nationality became trapped and was crushed between a reversing drop trailer towed by a tugmaster truck and one drop trailer which had already been parked, during the maneuvering of the said truck on the port side aft end of Deck 3.

The tugmaster truck was driven by a port employee driver. The drop trailer towed by the tugmaster truck was being driven in reverse (backing-up) to the parking position (Lane 1-aft port side).

There were no eye witnesses of the accident. The reasons for which the A/B was found between the two drop trailers during manoeuvring are unknown.

The onboard medical emergency team (Alpha Team) attended the A/B immediately providing first aid to him (CPR - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). The Port’s Authorities and the shore emergency services (Fire Brigade and Ambulance) attended the vessel soon after the accident providing first aid to the A/B who, despite their efforts, was declared dead on scene by the paramedics on 08:32 LT.

The case is under investigation by An Garda Siochana and Health & Safety as per Irish Law and Legislation.

As a result of being crushed between the two trailers, the cause of death of A/B was multiple severe crush injuries including cardiac and lung contusions, rib and sternal fractures, injury to pulmonary artery and haemothorax.

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Source: Cyprus MAIC


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