Safebridge launches a #BeSafe Campaign to protect Seafarers Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic


(www.MaritimeCyprus.comTo alleviate the adverse impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the maritime industry, Safebridge, the company behind SafeLearn, launches a dedicated #BeSafe campaign to protect the welfare of seafarers. In doing so, Safebridge is giving out EUR 100,000 worth of its online training licenses free of charge to those in need and affected by the adverse circumstances. 

As recently pointed out by IMO Secretary-General Mr Kitack Lim, the commerce by sea must be maintained and seafarers' welfare protected in the face of the coronavirus shut down. Now, more than ever, the world depends on the shipping services and seafarers ability to deliver vital goods such as food and medical supplies. Sustaining the industry and seafarers is paramount in overcoming this crisis.

Safebridge, as the leading maritime online training experts are contributing to protecting seafarers' welfare by offering EUR 100,000 worth of online training licenses free of charge. In doing so, seafarers can continue to receive high-quality training from their homes and at the same time #BeSafe in line with the control measures imposed and recommended by the authorities worldwide.

Starting from 12:00 PM Thursday, March 26th, any seafarer or company operating in the maritime industry can claim their free training license on the following link:

 Claim your free license.


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