Port State Control (PSC) Top items – the main detainable deficiencies you need to know about


(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) The key to successfully reducing the number of deficiencies during a PSC inspection, and to avoiding a detention, is regular maintenance on board and a more detailed focus on PSC Top 18 items. The 18 most frequent detainable deficiencies were found in the following technical categories as defined by the
PSC regimes:

  • 03(...) - Water/weathertight condition
  • 04(...) - Emergency systems
  • 07(...) - Fire safety
  • 10(...) - Safety of navigation
  • 11(...) - Life saving appliances
  • 13(...) - Propulsion main engine
  • 14(...) - Environmental protection

During regular maintenance, the crew needs to focus on verifying operational preparedness and compliance with international requirements. Even more important is the assessment of the management system, since detainable deficiencies to the PSC regimes’ category “15(...) – ISM related deficiency” are at
the top of the detainable deficiencies list.

Therefore, the assessment needs to verify if the ships management system is still suitable to the actual condition of the crew and ship or if adjustments or improvements are needed. This assessment and possible resulting changes will ensure that a single failure is detected and rectified in a systematic way and
that a reoccurrence is avoided.

For more details download below Guidance paper from a Classification society:

Source: DNVGL


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