ABUJA MoU releases their PSC Annual Report for 2019


(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) This annual report summarizes the port State control developments and activities of the West and Central African Region MOU in 2019. Moreover, the report also provides port State control statistics and analysis on the results of inspections carried out by member Authorities during the year.

Fourteen (14) member States in Abuja MoU region submitted PSC inspection reports namely: Benin; Republic of Congo; Democratic Republic of Congo; Cote d’Ivoire; Gabon; Gambia; Ghana; Guinea; Liberia; Nigeria; Senegal; Sierra Leone; South Africa and Togo.

As in the previous eight years, the PSC inspection statistical data in this report are generated from the computerized central database of Abuja MoU Information System (AMIS).

2,695 inspections were carried out on 2,091 individual ships. 21 of these vessels were detained for deficiencies during the year, resulting in a 50% increase in the number of detentions above 2018 figures which was 14 detentions. The detention percentage per inspection of 0.78% in 2019 gives a 34% increase above the 0.58% recorded in 2018. The spread of one deficiency for every 3.3 inspections in 2018 increased to 3.8 inspections per deficiency in 2019. The region recorded a 12% increase in inspection efforts from 2,409 in 2018 by 14 Administrations to 2,695 inspections in 2019 with same 14 Administrations reporting.

A total of 719 deficiencies were recorded which is lower than the 2018 figure of 727. Correspondingly, the total number of 222 inspections-with-deficiencies is lower than the 224 figures of 2018. The percentage inspections-with-deficiencies of 8.24 in 2019 is an 11% decrease below the 2018 figures of 9.29.

With respect to the categories of deficiencies, the most deficiencies were recorded on:

  • Safety of Navigation 108 (15.02%);
  • Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery 105 (14.6%);
  • Living and Working conditions 85 (11.82%);
  • Ship’s certificates and documents 61 (8.49%);
  • Life-saving appliances 59 (8.21%);
  • Fire safety 45 (6.26%);
  • Structural conditions 36 (5.64%);
  • Emergency Systems 25 (3.48%);
  • Radio Communications 25 (3.48%)

For even more details, view the full ABUJA MOU 2019 Port State Control report by clicking on below image.


Source: ABUJA MOU on PSC of the West and Central African Region







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