EMSA – Innovative Technology: Electrical energy storage for ships


(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has provided a technical study on the use of Electrical Energy Storage in shipping that, being supported by a technology overview and risk-based analysis evaluates the potential and constraints of batteries for energy storage in maritime transport applications.

In addition, the study provides a detailed description of projects where pilot applications of marine battery systems have been deployed, both for Electric and Hybrid-Electric applications, with a focus on EU co-funded projects such as the E-Ferry.

A safety assessment of a generic baseline lithium-ion battery installation is developed, and the results presented with a focus on thermal runaway prevention for different design variations, including a Fuel Cell-Hybrid design.

Batteries in Shipping have been common elements of onboard systems/machinery layouts. They have had however a support role in starting-power to emergency systems, safety equipment, communication and other less energy/ power demanding solutions. The challenge is today to ensure, with batteries, the necessary power for heavy duty onboard power requirement such as propulsion and energy to diverse auxiliary systems throughout the ship operational profile.

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Source: EMSA


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