Legal decisions and developments in Shipping – Ince Gordon Dadds May 2020


( The Shipping legal E-Brief is a regular publication providing you with key information on legal decisions and developments in shipping and related business areas provided by Ince Gordon Dadds.

Subjects covered in this issue:

  1. Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over hull underwriters’ claims against mortgagee bank in vessel scuttling case
  2. Failure to produce bills of lading in support of demurrage claim bars entire claim
  3. We demand that you see to this guarantee right away
  4. Hong Kong Court affirms rule that arbitration clauses must be expressly incorporated into bills of lading
  5. Court exhibits reluctance to interfere in arbitral process
  6. Experts’ fiduciary duty of loyalty to clients: practical implications for marine and offshore sectors
  7. Court dismisses defences to non-performance under contract of affreightment


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Source: Ince Gordon Dadds

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