MORSε - Maritime Operations Records Suite for ε-logs


( The 1st of October 2020 will be a milestone for the shipping industry. The MARPOL Convention will be amended to permit the use of paperless Electronic Log Books something that the shipping community has been expecting in the last few years with great enthusiasm.

Devoted to digitalization in the shipping industry, Prevention at Sea Ltd (“P@S”), an LR certified Maritime Technology company based in Cyprus, has recently announced the launch of the web-based solution MORSε. By utilizing the Greek letter ‘ε’ in all their software products, Prevention at Sea presents a unique web-based platform dedicated to Ship’s Electronic Log Books which also has the ability to communicate with existing software systems utilized by a company i.e. PMS etc.

By listening to the industry’s needs for more e-log books, P@S invested on the development of a platform that would accommodate ship’s log books and go above and beyond the standards in overcoming complications encountered due to the industry’s mobility and increased operational demands and complications.

Based on its significant maritime and technological experience as well as the tremendous feedback received from stakeholders and clients, P@S proudly announced the launching of the M.O.R.S.ε. platform (Maritime Operations Records Suite for ε-logs).

M.O.R.S.ε. is a state-of-the-art platform built with the latest Microsoft technologies and is MEPC 312(74) compliant.

The Platform is an innovative concept, designed to assist Vessels and Shipping Companies to seamlessly transfer their operations to the digital era. This is achieved by digitalizing Log Books and offering an alternative and more effective process to materialize day-to-day logging and information sharing.

It is based on a flexible and modular system architecture which, by design, takes into consideration the latest technological Microsoft advancements, trends, Cloud benefits and security practices to allow high scalability and data encryption.

MORSε is a centralised platform for hosting all Ship Logbooks in electronic format. It allows integration of data between each logbook simplifying the data entry process and enabling an all-rounded robust identification of errors, diagnostics and pattern recognition, while at the same time it allows remote access on ship’s records from ashore.

P@S has been working closely on the research and development of various e-logbooks with Major Shipping companies that continuously provide both material and their valuable input based on their extensive knowledge and experience over the years.

By paying close attention to the shipping community, P@S operates a unique aftersales support model which incorporates:

  1. After-sales support 24/7 on maritime regulatory and technical matters
  2. Helpdesk
  3. System health reports
  4. Dedicated software support engineer to each client
  5. Regular updates twice per year
  6. Diagnostics and detection of uncommon patterns

In 2016, P@S launched the first and multi-awarded Electronic Oil Record Book (LR certified) which has been welcomed by the industry with great enthusiasm. Presently, around 800 ships are using our ε-ORB maritime software with the intention to go paperless after 1st October 2020 with more ships joining the ε-ORB family every month.

ε-ORB managed to positively surprise the stakeholders by gaining four (4) international awards, 2 (two) of which were Lloyd’s List awards for innovation and multiple approvals from all major Registries (Cyprus, Panama, Liberia and Marshall Islands).

The makers have announced an attractive Early Bird Booking scheme which enables ship operators to have a very powerful monitoring tool in their hands.

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