SafeMetrix Launches Online Maritime English Proficiency Tests


( SafeMetrix, a product line of Safebridge, expands its assessment portfolio with a fully online-based Maritime English Proficiency Test and Certification for Ratings and Operational Level Deck Officers in line with the STCW requirements and the latest maritime standards.

The maritime industry and the seafarers working in it are not bound to a single country or
nationality. It's an international and multicultural industry, where the need for a universal
language used by all seafarers to communicate effectively is paramount in ensuring
operational safety and the vessel's integrity. This is how Maritime English came about, and
since its introduction, the number of incidents has been drastically reduced.

The Maritime English Proficiency Test by SafeMetrix aims to ensure that trainees possess the knowledge, understanding, and proficiency in Maritime English set out in the STCW Code. The questions have been developed following the IMO Model Course on Maritime English, Core section 2, Specialised Maritime English (SME) for officers in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 GT or more. At present, the assessment is carried out on the seafarer's reading and listening abilities. The Reading and Listening Tests may be taken separately; however, both tests must be completed with a passing score to obtain the Maritime English Proficiency Certificate.

The tests are delivered on the Safebridge digital platform allowing seafarers to take full
advantage of access at their own convenience and from any location. At the same time companies using the Safebridge platform can benefit from the ease of managing and assigning multiple assessments from a single online-based dashboard. For a limited amount of time, the Maritime English Proficiency Test can be purchased at a special introductory price of only EUR 8.00 excl. VAT. Individual English Listening and English Reading tests can be purchased at EUR 5.00 excl. VAT respectively.

SafeMetrix is set to further expand its assessment of Maritime English with the introduction
of the Writing and Speaking Tests in the next few months while also aiming to expand the
assessment of Maritime English to all ranks on board.


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