USCG: Now Accepting Electronic Record Books and Upcoming Changes to the eNOAD Workbook

USCG regulatory update

( To assist our subscribers in their US regulatory maritime compliance, we are providing this update on recent USCG requirements.

Electronic record Books:

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) announced their Port State Control Officers (PSCO) and Marine Inspectors will begin examining Electronic Record Books (ERBs) in a similar manner as written record books, in accordance with the recent amendments to MARPOL 73/78.

The MARPOL amendments entered into force on October 1, 2020 and permit vessels to electronically record discharges, transfers, and other reportable operations required under Annexes I, II, V and VI in Electronic Record Books (ERB).

Vessel representatives should be prepared to provide the USCG PSCO with written confirmation from the ship's Flag Administration that the electronic system meets the criteria provided in IMO Resolution MEPC.312(74).

Upcoming Changes to eNOAD Workbook – February 2021:

The USCG National Vessel Movement Center (NVMC) announced that a new schema (3.7) and eNOAD workbook (7.7) will be released Thursday, 18 February 2021. This new schema and workbook include
changes to Cargo and CDC tabs, the ability to cancel a notice, and several other miscellaneous revisions.

As part of this update, the 3.5 schema and 7.5.1 workbook will be retired and no longer supported by NVMC.

A full list of the changes to the eNOAD workbook and website can be found in the 90-day notice from NVMC, included in the References section below.

Note: Vessels calling the US should continue to use eNOAD workbook 7.6.1 until the new version is available on February 18, 2021.



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