Malta – Marine Safety Investigation into double man-overboard fatality


( Malta Flag Administration has issued the report of its investigation of the 2 January 2020 double man-overboard incident on the bulk carrier Stara Planina in the Norwegian Sea.

The vessel was steaming at reduced speed due to main engine issues, which had occurred on 01 January, and adverse weather conditions.

It was noticed that mooring ropes stored on the poop deck had scattered, while some of them were hanging over the vessel’s guard rails due to the inclement weather.

A party of crew members endeavored to secure these mooring ropes. Two crew members were assisting from the poop deck, while the rest were handling the ropes on the first deck.

At one point, two consecutive, large waves washed over the poop deck, causing the two crew members working on the poop deck to fall overboard. A search for the two crew members was carried out, involving two search & rescue helicopters from Norway’s coast guard; unfortunately, the operation was unsuccessful.

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Source: Transport Malta

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