Malta – Marine Safety Investigation into the vessel APL California crew serious injury


( Transport Malta has issued the report of its investigation of the 14 May 2020 incident on the container vessel APL California in Ningbo, China. After completing cargo operations, vessel took a pilot on board and engaged two tugs to assist in the departure manoeuvre.

The forward tug was made fast on the starboard side of the upper deck, abreast of Bay 15. Shortly after all lines were cast off, the forward tug was also ordered to cast off.

The forward mooring party proceeded to the upper deck to release the tug’s line. The bosun took turns of the pick-up gear of the tug’s line around the capstan, to release the line from the mooring bitts.

While the tug’s line was being cast off, the bosun realized that the vessel’s messenger line was still attached to the pick-up gear. In a bid to intervene and disconnect the messenger line, the bosun’s left leg was caught between the taut pick-up gear and the mooring bitts. Consequently, he sustained grievous injuries to his leg.

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Source: Transport Malta


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