The “European Maritime Day in Cyprus” event is taking place in Cyprus for the first time!


( The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) in cooperation with the Municipality of Larnaca, the Phivos Stavrides Foundation, the Youth Board of Cyprus, the Youth Makerspace Larnaka, the Larnaka Tourism Board, the Larnaca Cultural Foundation, the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association (CYMEPA) and the Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean (MarInEM) is organising for the first time in Cyprus the “European Maritime Day in Cyprus" event. The event, which is supported by the European Commission, will take place between the 17th and 21st of June 2021 in the city of Larnaka.

The "European Maritime Day in Cyprus" is an event that celebrates the Sea. It is addressed to all citizens and especially children and young people and aims to raise awareness on the importance of the sea and the protection of the marine environment. During the event, various interactive, social, artistic and environmental activities will be implemented. Such activities are guided boat tours at the seaside of ​​Larnaka, musical performances with the use of traditional instruments, photography exhibition and competition having as a theme the Sea, demonstration of autonomous or remotely controlled vessels, beach and seabed cleaning activities as well as interactive workshops and games.

The "European Maritime Day in Cyprus" is one of the 232 events that will be held this year in various European countries. Annually, the “European Maritime Day” is celebrated centrally in a European country on the 20th of May, while other European countries hold their events between April and June that year. All these events aim to reach out to citizens across Europe and especially to young people in order to inform and educate them in a creative way about the interaction and interdependence between Humans and the Sea.

All relevant COVID-19 restrictive measures will be followed during the activities of the "European Maritime Day in Cyprus".

More information on the "European Maritime Day in Cyprus", including the programme of the event, is provided in the following link: EMD in Cyprus - Programme ( For more details, please contact the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) at +357-24506141 or +357-24506153 or at

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