Maritime Safety: Pilot ladder - Do it right the First Time


( Pilot Ladder Safety – Do It Right The First Time. Every day around the world, maritime pilots board and disembark ships using pilot ladder arrangements. When the pilot ladder is not used properly, a routine procedure can turn into a critical hazard.

There are some very good reasons for using the pilot ladder in the correct way: The safety of the pilot and the structural integrity of the pilot ladder. The aim of this website is to increase Pilot Ladder Safety awareness by showing good practice on the rigging and safe use of the pilot ladder.

Through this guide, by sharing information, news and feedback about good practice, we can raise the standards of Pilot Ladder Safety.

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Herman Broers,

The American Club

This safety video examines the safe set-up of pilot ladders and details the safety checks that should be carried out before using a plot ladder to ensure a safe boat transfer.

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