OCIMF requirements for "Submitting Companies"


(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) A Submitting Company is a company approved by OCIMF to commission inspections and submit inspection reports in their own name into an OCIMF programme database. OCIMF programmes are namely:

      • Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE),
      • Barge Inspection Report Programme (BIRE), and
      • Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID).

Since the establishment of OCIMF programmes, mainly OCIMF Members have been given Submitting Company rights. Third party contractors are currently permitted to submit reports into the SIRE Programme on behalf of an OCIMF Member; this permission will end in August 2022.

The recent decision by the Executive Committee to separate Submitting Company rights from OCIMF membership status necessitated the creation of a new set of requirements for becoming a Submitting Company. This is to ensure that OCIMF maintains sufficient governance control over its programmes.

This document sets out the criteria for a company to be considered for approval as a
Submitting Company in SIRE, BIRE and OVID. It also sets out the requirements for retaining Submitting Company status on an ongoing basis.

The requirements for a Submitting Company are divided into three parts:

  1. Eligibility Criteria.
  2. Agreement with the OCIMF Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions.
  3. Probationary period and requirements for retaining Submitting Company Status.

One of the criteria for becoming a Submitting Company is the applicant must be:

  • SIRE: a company chartering tankers and/or marine terminalling crude oil, oil products,
    chemicals, petrochemicals or gas - and holds risk and title of crude oil, condensate,
    refined petroleum products, chemicals, petrochemicals and by products, biofuels, gas, or
    fuel cargoes carried on vessels chartered or commercially managed by the applicant.
  • BIRE: a company chartering barges, tugs or units and/or marine terminalling crude oil, oil products, petrochemicals or gas.
  • OVID: a company chartering Offshore Vessels and is designated or registered as the Duty Holder of an offshore concession or responsible to assume the role of Duty Holder of an offshore concession.

One of the aims of OCIMF inspection programmes is to reduce the number of repeat vessel
inspections in the industry. The OCIMF Quality Assurance team will monitor and assess the
activity of each Submitting Company in the programme. This is to ensure that inspections
commissioned by a Submitting Company are aligned with their business or marine assurance needs.

Reports submitted into the databases are used by Programme Recipients to help inform their vetting decisions. A Submitting Company is required to have in house personnel with the relevant expertise and experience to review and validate inspection questionnaires before they are submitted as an inspection report. Guidance on the minimum qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills for the in house personnel is contained in Annex A to this document.

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Source: OCIMF

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