Guideline for installation of containerized generator sets


( On a regular basis, containerized generator sets (CGS) are placed onboard ships to provide replacement power in case of damage to one of the ship's generator sets, or additional power, e.g. to provide power to extra deck equipment or reefer containers.

Whether you are a ship manager in need of temporary additional or replacement power, or a supplier to the maritime industry renting out containerized generator sets, the content of the new Guideline to ensure a smooth installation of a containerized generator set, is of great help.

The Guide covers:

    1. Arrangement location
    2. The Generator driver
    3. The Generator
    4. Electrical system
    5. Fire Safety
    6. Piping
    7. Safety, control and monitoring
    8. Pollution prevention
    9. Final on-board testing

The guide paper can be downloaded below:

Source: DNV


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