UK MAIB: Safety bulletin issued following fatal Ro-Ro cargo loading incident


( At about 1400 on 20 July 2021, the bosun of the roll-on roll-of cargo ferry Clipper Pennant suffered fatal crushing injuries during cargo loading operations.

Clipper Pennant was in Liverpool and the bosun was working on the upper vehicle deck,
marshalling tractor unit drivers who were loading semi-trailers. Two other crew members were on the upper vehicle deck, assisting the bosun by locating the resting trestles and lashing the semi-trailers once in position.

The accident occurred after the bosun had directed a tractor unit driver to push a semi-trailer into its stowage location, between a semi-trailer that had already been lashed and the bulkhead at the port forward end of the upper vehicle deck (Figures 1 and 2). As the semi-trailer was being manoeuvred, the bosun had positioned himself between the moving semi-trailer and the vessel’s structure, resulting in the crushing accident.

Although the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch is still investigating the incident, it released a safety bulletin to advise that where tractor units are being used to position semi-trailers, there is an extreme risk of crushing injuries, particularly where the semi-trailer is maneuvering close to the ship’s structure, with limited means of escape for crew on deck.

Click below to download the MAIB Safety Bullettin:

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Source: UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)





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