Vacancy: Medical Services Officer, Oceanic (V.Group), Limassol, Cyprus


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Overall Purpose of The Job         

Working under the guidance of the Team Leader of Medical Services, the job holder will be responsible for the service delivery of the SeaMed24 Medical Services, including but not limited to Medical Chest Management, Medical Oxygen Management, Medical Advisory, Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol programs.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks   


Under the guidance of Team Leader, Medical Services to ensure the successful implementation of the SeaMed24 Medical Services:

  1. SeaMed24 Medical Chest Management & SeaMed24 Medical Oxygen Management Program:

 Enroll new vessels into the Medical Chest Management & Medical Oxygen Programs and ensure compliance as per flag requirements.

 Monitor the enrolment procedure of new vessels and ensure flawless service delivery.

 Responsible for the inventory management through the designated inventory applications, ensuring that the inventory of each vessel is up-to-date and in line with the minimum requirements of each vessel’s flag.

 Coordinate the replenishment and re-certification of the vessels as needed.

 Ordering of medical supplies, which are requested ad hoc and are not part of the programs, following company’s quotation process.

 Assist clients swiftly and promptly with information with regards to the service.

  1. SeaMed24 Medical Advisory, SeaMed24 Mental Health & SeaMed24 Drug & Alcohol Testing:

 Coordinate the enrollment of the vessels into the various SeaMed24 medical services, namely Medical Advisory, Mental Health & Drug & Alcohol Testing.

 Ensuring flawless service delivery in coordination with the Vessels and relevant stakeholders (Clients, Vendors, Physicians etc.)

2.1 SeaMed24 Medical Advisory:

 Be the liaison between vessels and medical providers for the successful implementation of the program.

 Addressing any matters raised by the vessels and clients, including medical air evacuations and medical repatriations.

 Obtaining written approval from the clients, if the estimated costs of in-patient treatments exceed the agreed thresholds, defined in each contract.

 Responsible for the audit coordination of the medical facilities that provide PEMEs/REMEs.

2.2 SeaMed24 Mental Health:

 Be the liaison for the set-up of clients/vessels accounts, with the Mental Health provider.

 Communication of briefings/bulletins and implementation of the Mental Health program.

 Direct mental health promotion through Company campaigns and educational resources on mentally healthy lifestyles.

2.3 SeaMed24 Drug & Alcohol Testing:

 Ensuring that the D&A program is run smoothly, and that the annual certification of the vessels is issued in due time.

 Management and communication of submitted results.

 Monitoring of the annual re-certification process.

 Coordination of any Drug & Alcohol emergency testing, that might be required either by regulation or best practice.

  1. Other Tasks:

 Ensure that purchase orders are raised in company’s system and coordinate with Victualing and Accounts departments regarding vendors and client invoices.

 Ensure that all files and related applications are kept updated.

 Participation in training seminars organized by the company.

 Cooperate with all personnel and promote a friendly working environment within the company.

 To take responsibility of any other coherent responsibilities as they are defined by Management.

Required Experience     


  • Experience in shipping with an understanding in procurement cycles, AP processes and invoicing cycle.
  • Strong computer skills particularly in Microsoft Office.
  • Very good interpersonal, verbal, and written communications skills
  • The highest personal integrity standards, a positive outlook and be self-motivated to develop & succeed.
  • A good command of the English language both written and oral.


  • Proven working experience in Medical Chest Management and or Medical Operations will be a plus.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the handling procedures concerning controlled drugs.

What can I expect in return?       V. Group can offer you a market leading salary and benefits package, in addition to significant opportunities for career growth and personal development. This a great opportunity to join a true leader in the maritime sector - a company that has exciting plans for future growth.

Applications Close Date: 27 Aug 2021

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