Intertanko: Guide to Safe Navigation (2nd Edition-2021)


( Shipping has evolved significantly over the years. Research in maritime safety and operations over the past few decades has been intensive and has resulted in significant improvements. Chart carriage requirements are now satisfied by using Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS), which require careful handling
and functional expertise by the end users. When used correctly, this technological leap offers a high level of navigational safety, while at the same time reducing the workload and increasing situational awareness.

However, the additional ECDIS features have introduced challenges; the voyage planning and execution processes have been affected significantly from this transition and require particular consideration and knowledge of how all the newly introduced functions should be handled and set up. As has been proven, when ECDIS functions are not used effectively, the intended advantage over paper charts is reduced.

With the aim of assisting operators and users, INTERTANKO’S Nautical Sub-Committee has produced the revised Guide to Safe Navigation (Including ECDIS) to standardise and clarify operational procedural uncertainties, cyber security vulnerabilities, correct configuration, alert management, contingency actions and many more.

INTERTANKO’s Guide to Safe Navigation (Including ECDIS) has become the standard reference publication used by navigators. The first edition was published in 2017 and through the combined efforts of industry multidisciplinary subject matter experts, this second edition has been enhanced to reflect current best practice and legislation to ensure
that it continues to maintain its position as a definitive reference guide for modern-day navigators in the vessel’s wheelhouse.

It is important to point out that this is a guidance document only and that nothing stated must be strictly implemented or followed, rather the guidance can be used as a reference document, allowing the reader to ‘pick and choose’ those parts that are relevant according to the ships operated and their trading patterns etc.

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Intertanko Guide Safe Navigation

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