Australia: AMSA Port State Control CIC on Planned Maintenance

Australia: AMSA Port State Control CIC on Planned Maintenance

( Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will run a focused PSC inspection campaign on Planned Maintenance from 15 January 2022 to 30 March 2022 considering that planned and corrective maintenance is a critical component of seaworthiness.

AMSA Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) will undertake the FIC using a pre-defined questionnaire to assess that equipment is properly maintained and functioning in conjunction with a normal port or flag State control inspection.

AMSA encourages ship owners and masters to familiarize themselves with the requirements of SOLAS, Australian Marine Order 31 and their safety management systems implemented onboard.


This Focused Inspection Campaign (FIC) has been initiated by AMSA and is specific to Australia. It will apply to foreign flagged ships and Regulated Australian Vessels (RAVs) arriving at an Australian port.

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Where possible, inspections will take place concurrent with routine port State control inspections.

Standalone inspections may also take place where the vessel is not eligible for port State control inspection. However, where a vessel is deemed non-compliant, and clear grounds exist, the AMSA inspector may proceed to a full port State control inspection.

Where non-compliances are found, AMSA will take the necessary steps to bring the ship into compliance.

Readers can download below, the relevant questionnaire as well as additional guidance addressing questions 1 through 9.

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Source: AMSA


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