Registration of Vessels in the Cyprus Register of Ships, new policy

Cyprus shipping

( Recently, the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry has issued a new registration policy in view of the strategic vision for Cyprus shipping which is aligned with the systematic policy review, aiming at improving the quality of Cyprus flagged ships.

The new Policy applies as from 1 March 2022 and supersedes and replaces the Government Policy on the Registration of Ships which is attached to Circular No.10/2019 (“the previous policy”).

All applications for registration of vessels in the Cyprus Register of Ships or the Special book of Parallel Registration submitted until 28 February 2022, will be governed by the previous policy unless the prospective owner or bareboat charterer, as the case may be, elects to be bound by the conditions contained in the new policy.

For the Eligibility for Registration and related requirements, as well as for Registration Conditions, download the relevant circular below:


Source: Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Shipping



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