Intertanko: CoronaVirus Outbreak Management Plan Ver.5


( This document outlines the plans and procedures to be put in place to prepare a ship for shore personnel to come on board and to protect seafarers from the dangers posed by the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19). This includes potential exposure from shore personnel and the actions to take in the event of a suspected case onboard.

Following updated advice provide by the World Health Organization, the International Maritime Organization, the International Maritime Health Association and work with the International Chamber of Shipping, the guidance has been updated to reflect best practice.

The main updates relate to the revised symptom list, shipboard safe distancing replacing physical distancing, reiteration of principles that the ship should be able to continue operating with positive cases on board, acceptance of an anti-gen test for PMSC and STS operators, and reporting of historical infections and procedures to follow for vaccinated seafarers who test positive.

For more details, you can download the INTERTANKO Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan Ver.5, by clicking below:


Source: Intertanko

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