Maritime risk focus: Marine Main Engine Damage


( Main Engine Damage is an expensive category of damage that is all too frequent. Statistically a vessel will suffer between one and two incidences of main engine damage during its life time. Considering the costly consequences for ship owners, it is important to identify the main causes of this damage and
examine how these can be prevented.

  • Main engine claims account for 28% of all machinery claims and 34% of the costs, with an average claims cost close to US$ 650,000.
  • The claims frequency has for the last ten years been steady at between 0.020 and 0.025 claims per vessel and year.
  • Passenger vessels/ferries have the highest frequency with 0.066 claims per vessel and year.
  • Vessels propelled by medium/high speed engines have a claims frequency 2.5 times higher compared with slow speed engines.
  • Lubrication oil related failure is the most common cause of damage.
  • The most expensive type of damage is on crank shaft/bearings with an average cost of Million US$ 1.2 per claim.

How to avoid main engine damage:


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