Malta – Marine Safety Investigation into the MT SEASCOUT Explosion

Seascout investigation

( On March 18, 2021, the M/T SEASCOUT was in transit to Al Duqm, Oman for drydocking. In preparation for the drydock, technicians assisting the crew dismantled the walkway ramps on the main deck to check their condition and the condition of underlying piping.

Two of the bolts on the last ramp were particularly hard to undo, and a technician opted to use an angle grinder to facilitate the work.

Sparks emitted from the grinding disk and flew toward the vent head of the vessel's Nr.2 fuel oil tank, resulting in an explosion.

The explosion caused damage to the vessel's steel structure and port-side lifeboat and liferafts. Because the SEASCOUT interests swiftly adopted certain safety actions, the responding port state did not issue any recommendations.

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Source: Transport Malta


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