Tokyo MoU releases their PSC Annual Report for 2021


( This annual report summarizes the port State control developments and activities of the Tokyo MOU in 2021. Moreover, the report also provides port State control statistics and analysis on the results of inspections carried out by member Authorities during the year.

It is positive that the Tokyo MOU has been able to achieve a nearly 20% increase of
inspections in 2021, i.e. 22,730 inspections in 2021 comparing 19,146 in 2020, although
there is still a big shortfall to recover to the pre-pandemic level of inspections. It is also
positive that the Tokyo MOU, in coordination with the Paris MoU, successfully conducted the
concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on Stability in General during September to November, 2021, which was postponed from the previous year.

The concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on Stability in General was conducted from 1 September to 30 November, 2021 jointly with the Paris MoU. During the CIC period, a total of 6,260 PSC inspections were conducted by the member Authorities, of which 4,984
(79.62%) were with a CIC inspection. A total of 379 CIC related deficiencies were found on
328 ships representing 6.58% of the CIC inspections. The highest number of CIC related deficiencies were relating to the Loading/ Ballast condition 155 (43.54%), followed by Cargo operation 67 (18.82%) and Bridge operation 45 (12.64%). There was a total of 121 detentions over the three-month period, of which 8 ships (6.61%) were detained as a direct result of the CIC. Giving 4,984 ships subject to a CIC inspection, 8 detentions for CIC related deficiencies indicated the CIC related detention rate of 0.16%, which was much lower than the overall detention rate of 1.93% of the period. The outcome demonstrated a relatively high level of compliance with stability in general by the industry.


In 2021, 22,730 inspections, involving 14,951 individual ships, were carried out on ships
registered under 97 flags. 16.40% inspections were remote inspections. It would be noted that inspections for some member Authorities were still extremely limited due to the actual and potential impact of COVID-19. Out of 22,730 inspections, there were 11,567 inspections where ships were found with deficiencies. Since the total number of individual ships operating in the region was estimated at 26,157, the inspection rate in the region was approximately 57% in 2021.


Ships are detained when the condition of the ship or its crew does not correspond substantially with the applicable conventions. Such strong action is to ensure that the ship cannot sail until it can proceed to sea without presenting a danger to the ship or persons on board, or without presenting an unreasonable threat of harm to the marine environment.

In 2021, 526 ships registered under 52 flags were detained due to serious deficiencies having been found onboard. The detention rate of ships inspected was 2.31%.


Where conditions on board are found that are not in compliance with the requirements of the relevant instruments by the port State control officers, these are recorded as deficiencies and required to be rectified.

A total of 39,838 deficiencies were recorded in 2021. It has been noted that fire safety measures, life-saving appliances and safety of navigation continue to be the top three categories of deficiencies discovered on ships. In 2021, 5,929 deficiencies related to fire safety measures, 5,192 deficiencies related to life-saving appliances and 4,743 safety of navigation related deficiencies were recorded, representing nearly 40% of the total number of all recorded deficiencies. It is noted that deficiencies related to life-saving appliances and safety of navigation increased 1,015 in number or 24% by percentage and 1,062 or 29% in 2021 respectively. Furthermore, the deficiencies relating to main category of stability, structure and related equipment, as the results of the CIC of the year, has also increased 259 in number or 23% by percentage in 2021.

For even more details, view the full Tokyo MOU 2021 Port State Control report by clicking on below image.



Source: Tokyo MOU

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