ClassNK sets forth class notations for advanced initiatives on safety and labor

ClassNK Guide

( Leading Classification Society ClassNK released “Guidelines for Advanced Safety Measures”, “Guidelines for Excellent Living and Working Environment”, and “Guidelines for Installations for Infection Control”. These guidelines outline the requirements for additional class notations for ships adopting measures and equipment related to improving safety as well as living and working environment onboard.

In 2020, to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies, the ClassNK launched Innovation Endorsement as a swift certification service in cooperation with technological front runners to establish appropriate evaluation criteria. From 2021, ClassNK has certified advanced initiatives under the four categories of “Digital”, “Green”, “Safety”, and “Labor”. The guidelines issued this time are requirements for notation related to “Safety” and “Labor” to be stated on the ship's classification certificate.

Guidelines for Advanced Safety Measures stipulate requirements for the class notation “Advanced Safety (a-SAFE)”, indicating that the ship is adopting advanced safety measures. They include Radar Based System which displays additional information on waves and so on, Collision Risk Indication System including Obstacle Zone by Target (OZT) etc., Extended Reality Display System for superimposing the navigation information, Forward Underwater Obstacle Detection System, and Berthing Support System.

Guidelines for Excellent Living and Working Environment stipulate requirements for the class notation “Excellent Living and Working Environment (ELW)”, indicating that the ship has facilities to improve the living and working environments: Seafarer Internet Facilities, Air Conditioners and Heating Systems with Independent Temperature Control for Each Cabin, Gender Equality in Cabin and Sanitary Facilities, Installation of Infection Control, Freshness Preservation Equipment for Foods, and Water Mist Facilities for Heat Stroke Prevention. To detail requirements for Installation of Infection Control, Guidelines for Installations for Infection Control have been also released.

These guidelines will be updated promptly according to future industry needs and technological progress. ClassNK will continue to support the efforts of the maritime industry involved in the development and social implementation of new technologies.

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