Maran Tankers Management Inc (MTM) selects Prevention at Sea’s electronic Oil Record Book

Maran Tankers Management

( Maran Tankers Management Inc. (MTM), the Oil Tanker Shipping unit of the Angelicoussis Group, selects Prevention at Sea’s electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) to align with the Company’s digitalization project process

Switching from paper-based log books to the electronic record books offers the following advantages, confirmed during the initial trials of the software:

  1. Built-in logics help seafarers in ensuring regulatory compliance by avoiding wrong entries and eliminating risk of detention or fines.
  2. Alert functions notifying office personnel for uncommon recorded operations.
  3. Benchmarking & diagnostics for shaping the fleet environmental profiling.
  4. One central repository for all log books available online – ensure daily access and trend analytics for ship owner, including warnings on non-compliance.
  5. Customized to each vessel.

Mrs. Elena Sardi, DPA at Maran Tankers Management Inc. said the following: “PAS ε-ORB has been selected by taking into consideration the combined Shipping and IT knowledge and experience of the people who developed this software. By introducing the ε-ORB, we aim to offer the best tools to our Seafarers for achieving the Company’s high operational standards.

The PAS ε-ORB user-friendly software is an investment made for our People”.

Petros Achtypis, Prevention at Sea’s founder and CEO said: ’’We are delighted and honored from the decision by one more unit of the Angelicoussis shipping Group to choose our electronic oil record book for its fleet. Installation of the ε-ORB on the Tanker Fleet has commenced with both companies working in-sync to ensure a seamless transition from paper to the e-Logbook across all tanker vessels.’’

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