ClassNK at Posidonia

Daiji Aihara

( Daiji Aihara was assigned to Deputy General Manager of ClassNK Greece this April, in charge of promoting ClassNK’s business in this region. Before taking up his new position, Aihara was responsible for the plan approvals for container carriers and car carriers, based in ClassNK Head Office, in Tokyo.

“Within a week of my arrival, I became more convinced than ever that Greece truly leads the world's maritime industry. I’m excited to work here and hope to reinforce the ties between regional clients and ClassNK,” he says.

Responding to decarbonization and digitalization challenges, ClassNK has been expanding its certification services beyond its conventional role of checking the compliance to the minimum standards, in support of endorsing the industry’s proactive initiatives to enhance efficiency and sustainability. “ClassNK is helping industry front runners face a variety of challenges and help to move them forward by working together to develop necessary standards which verify and differentiate their values”.

At the same time, ClassNK continues to develop and refine solutions to assist client actions, not only to deal with tightened regulations but also to increasing requirements from different stakeholders. It recently released ClassNK ZETA, a GHG emission management tool to track accurate CO2 emissions from ships and confirm and simulate CII ratings without adding unnecessary administrative burdens. “The strengths of Greek maritime players should be rooted in their capability to identify efficacy, and I am doing my best to demonstrate how ClassNK can serve them,” says Mr Daiji Aihara.


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