CHIRP Maritime Annual safety digest of Reports and Insight Articles 2021


( Chirpmaritime has recently published their flagship magazine, a very educational publication on maritime safety. Anyone who comes across an unsafe situation in their maritime world can report this to Chirpmaritime. Chirpmaritime will anonymize the report and contact the parties involved. The purpose is to prevent an unsafe event from happening again without starting a blame game or pointing fingers.

2021 has been another very difficult year for seafarers with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic causing major disruptions, particularly regarding crew changes. Many of our colleagues are still trapped at sea long after they should have been repatriated, while others are stuck at home and do not know when they will be able to work again. The professional way our colleagues have continued to move the world’s trade goods, often in terrible conditions, has been an inspiration. Perhaps one day the world will acknowledge the great debt it owes to the men and women at sea.

Despite all the hardships, seafarers have still managed to submit reports to CHIRP but we believe the standard of those reports is higher than ever and we wish to publicly thank all contributors for their excellent feedback.CHIRP Maritime and the results are for all to see.

You can download the 2021 Annual CHIRP report below:



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