EMSA Guidance for shore side electricity


(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) The use of Onshore Power Supply (OPS) also commonly referred to as Alternate Marine Power or Cold Ironing, has already gained decades of experience, particularly with low-voltage supply. Other options for electrification in the ship-shore interface include battery charging, battery swapping, power banking and microgeneration.

As more and more ships use batteries onboard, in increased capacity and number of functions, and particularly for electric and hybrid-electric plug-in ships, there is the need to develop the port infrastructure and/or come across other solutions to be able to supply electricity to ships at port.

Together with OPS, all these present technical and safety challenges to the port authorities. Accordingly, EMSA prepared this Guidance on shore-side electricity addressed to port authorities and administrations.

The EMSA Guidance on Shore-Side Electricity is intended to assist in the planning and development of SSE options, starting with project decision-making and development of infrastructure elements, definition of responsibility frameworks and construction of control measures to assist in the operation.

You can download below the three guidance papers from EMSA:

Part 1: Equipment and TechnologyPart 2: Planning, Operations and SafetyPart 3: Quick reference guide

Source: EMSA




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