Education in the Cyprus Maritime cluster: Introduction to MIEEK and "Supply Chain Management and Maritime Studies"


( MIEEKs offer in Cyprus, high-quality two-year education and training programs in developing sectors of the Economy. At the same time, they satisfy the great demand in the labor market in current professions. They provide the opportunity to citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, especially young people, to acquire, improve or upgrade their professional qualifications and skills so that they become more capable and effective for employment and participation in the Cypriot and European labor market.

Maritime Cyprus news forum had the chance to interview Mrs Lina Ellina, Programme Coordinator, and obtained valuable information on the Maritime program offered.

Q: Please provide an introduction of the Maritime program offered

Supply Chain Management and Maritime Studies” is one of the twelve accredited programs at MIEEK, a public higher school of vocational education and training that offers two-year, tuition-free programs. In its own way, MIEEK provides equal opportunities for access to knowledge – hence to the labor market – to people with financial difficulties of all ages.

Some of the students in our program are employed in the (maritime) industry but lack formal qualifications. Others have degrees but no relevant jobs. And others are high-school graduates.

Most of them work during the day and study in the evenings five days a week. Some of them even have young children at home. Balancing work, studies, and personal life can be a bit of a challenge. But our students know that, in our program, we are only a phone call or a message away.

Q: What is the aim of this program?

Supply Chain Management and Maritime Studies” aims to offer students the knowledge, skills, and competencies for a smooth entry into the labor market. All our instructors come from the industry and bring the latest market tendencies to class.

Q: What is the duration of the program, the course curriculum?

In the two years of their studies, students take twenty courses (or fewer if they are entitled to exemptions) and complete a twelve-week internship. The full details of the courses are available online. Tuition is free. This industry experience is an opportunity to gain insight into good practices in Cyprus and abroad (in the framework of Erasmus+ and ErasmusPro).

Q: What is the positive takeaway from the program?

Employability is high among our graduates. Some seek employment in the maritime sector, while others in the general industry. Some have even made it to managerial positions.

Q: What other activities have you engaged in?

The Program organizes numerous extra-curricular activities, such as panel discussions, lectures by guest speakers, and field trips to widen students’ understanding of the industry. A recent example was attending the session for young executives at the Maritime Cyprus conference 2022.

Under the auspices of the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry and with the kind support of Salamis Company, we have organized a competition for high school students last year. Our students also took part in the Sea of Experience National Competition. I had the pleasure of sharing this experience at the Final Dissemination Workshop during Maritime Cyprus Week.

Moreover, we work closely with professional associations, such as the CSC (Cyprus Shipping Chamber), ICS (International Chamber of Shipping), and YoungShip, as well as other academic institutions, such as FU (Frederick University) and CIM (Cyprus Institute of Marketing). Finally, part of our extra-curricular activities are actions that will hopefully inspire students to develop a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility, such as beach cleaning and blood donation.

Q: How can an interested person find more information on the “Supply Chain Management and Maritime Studies” program?

All relevant information is available (in the Greek language) on the MIEEK website, which can be accessed HERE


Source: MIEEK (Μεταλυκειακα Ινστιτουτα Επαγγελματικης Εκπαιδευσης & Καταρτισης) 


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