Intercargo annual review 2022


( We have seen a perfect storm of events over the last few years. Following the turbulence of the pandemic, our industry now finds itself deal­ing with the situation in Ukraine, the legacy of COVID and of course the incorporation of IMO's greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets into everyday ship operations.

The future is of course far from certain. But one certainty we do have is that reducing emissions is, and will continue to be, the single most im­portant global issue we face.
The shipping industry has already made signifi­cant progress in emissions reduction in the last 10 years and is striving to achieve IMO's ambi­tious targets which may soon aim for zero emis­sion shipping by 2050.

Environmental excellence requires collabora­tion. If we are to see a future of zero-emission shipping, responsibility cannot be placed sole­ly on the shoulders of shipowners.

The responsibilities of dry cargo charterers, shippers, receivers, ports and terminals must not be underestimated. Against this backdrop, INTERCARGO contin­ues to address the key issues that the dry bulk industry has always faced.

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