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(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) Investment in training allows companies to take better control of their future, as competence is built on knowledge which in turn, leads to greater personal and corporate success.

As the year approaches its end, we are already getting ready for the next one and 2023 will be the year when we will fully get back to normal operations. However, these will be different to those we knew before COVID19. Classroom training will be provided alongside online live virtual classrooms, so that we can take advantage of the experience gained with online deliveries to serve markets outside Greece, for example, the market in Cyprus, minimize expenses, and reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2021 the DNV Academy delivered more than 150 courses attended by over 1500 participants in Greece alone and in 2022 these figures have already been exceeded with over a month ahead of us. Although up to May 2022 courses were almost exclusively online, with a few exceptions of f2f classroom in-house deliveries, since June we have resumed classroom f2f training and it seems that this was something people were really looking forward to.

Our Academy provides one of the broadest portfolios of training courses to the maritime industry anywhere in the world. And through our participation in IMO meetings, we are also always up to date with the latest developments and decisions that shape the global maritime landscape.

This enables us to continuously expand our portfolio and offer the industry new topics related to Decarbonization, Digitalization, Antifouling, Risk-based Technical Ship Management and Remote Surveys, and many technical courses that cover newbuildings, drydockings, and operational issues.

In addition, we have always moved quickly to offer courses that address the rapid changes that take place from the introduction of new regulations and requirements. Both those that come into force due to unexpected events (ISPS Code and the September 11 events), or as a result of evolving issues such as the protection of the marine environment (e.g. Ballast Water and Recycling), safety (e.g double hull tankers), energy efficiency (e.g. SEEMP, decarbonization and emission limitations, new requirement for fuels), digitalization, and the human element (e.g. soft skills). Especially in terms of decarbonisation, investment in education is a critical element for the industry to make a smooth transition to this new reality.

For more than 20 years now, DNV Maritime Academy’s goal has been to share our expertise and knowledge with our customers, help them effectively improve their business performance, and find the best solutions for their everyday operations.
Through our global network and our digital platform, we are constantly broadening our educational horizons and enriching our syllabus to offer the industry a complete training programme of over 140 different standard courses. Comprehensive customized, individual, or company-related training programs, as well as consultancy services for creating and developing specific training programs, are also provided.

Source: Dr Marina Papaioannou, DNV Regional Maritime Academies Manager


Learn more about DNV Academy and its services at www.dnv.com/maritime-academy


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