Vacancy: Port Agency Operator, Waypoint Port Services, Limassol, Cyprus


Job Description


To execute required agency services to clients as per our Standard Operating Procedures, endeavouring at all times to manage the efficient and effective handling of the vessels while under our responsibility. Ensure a high-quality service, a quick turnaround and minimise expenses to the vessel, owners and / or operators. The role requires that we protect and safeguard the interest of the principal, master and crew at all times.


  • The position reports to the Operations Supervisor.

Formal authorities:

  • To execute the client's instructions.
  • To appoint company authorised service providers.
  • To liaise with local authorities in accordance with the instructions of the principal.

Main responsibilities:

  • Pre-plan the arrival of vessels and the activities required for each call
  • Allocate each vessel expected to the contracted sub-agents
  • Ensure that all necessary arrangements have been done before arrival
  • While the vessel is in port, supervise the port and husbandry activities to make sure everything is going according to plan
  • Keep track of activity done during the port stay so that the correct FDA is raised\Monitor the communication between sub-agents and owner/principal
  • Support the sub-agents with coordination requirements in case of need
  • Liaise with the Finance department on SOA and follow up on outstanding funds for the vessels under your responsibility
  • Provide a weekly report to the Sub-Agency Manager regarding the weekly activity
  • Ensure the sub-agents provide an optimal service
  • Seek continuous improvements in our operational procedures
  • Maintain an excellent relationship with our sub-agents
  • Seek increased revenue through the sub-agents
  • When necessary, affect the transport of crew, documents or manageable spare parts and CTM to/from the vessel
  • Ensure your personal appearance is always up to high standards
  • Make sure full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn every time the vessel is attended to or a port entered
  • Seek continuous improvements in our operational procedures


  • Ensure that the QUALITY of the service rendered is up to Waypoint standards.
  • Responsible for making sure that all services rendered to the principal are in the Final Disbursement Account

Main Qualifications:

  • Fluent in the local language, spoken, written and reading
  • Fluent in English speaking, reading and writing
  • At ease with the latest IT solutions and able to handle smart phone technology
  • Preferably with experience in the shipping industry
  • Strong interpersonal skills and customer relationship building skills
  • Ease to communicate effectively and clearly
  • Ability to multitask and work under pressure
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Reliable, enthusiastic and professional ATTITUDE
  • Confident in relating to different organisational levels
  • Available to work outside normal working office hours, many times under stressful situations
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Organised, disciplined and strong personality
  • Result oriented

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