MAR-EVA: Advance Certificate in Maritime Business


( World Maritime Academy offers the free-of-charge, online Advance Certificate in Maritime Business, in short MAR-EVA with the aim to empower disadvantaged women and to contribute to shipping sustainability.

The MAR-EVA course has started on the 31st of October 2022. For this first year of its delivery, twenty-five (25) women are accepted. The first cohort’s participants come from Ghana, Cameroon, India, Greece, Benin, Algeria, Nigeria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and UK.

Although there are no start dates for the rest of our online courses, MAR-EVA is the only exception and starts every year, on the 31 of October. There is no limit on how many participants can be accepted as long as they fulfil the entry requirements.

The course is designed for women at any age and stage of life, to start their career in to shipping or to advance their career. To match the diverse needs of the participants, we allow for any time and pace attendance.

Equal opportunities & Education

Education allows people to gain greater knowledge, skills, self-confidence and capabilities, improving their own life prospects.

It is often assumed that all women have the same opportunities in life because more women than men enroll to schools in Europe and the USA. Assumptions and perceptions! Do all women in the world have equal chances in life? 

Despite the great expansion of educational opportunities worldwide, women receive less education than men. Although there is compelling evidence that the education of women promotes both individual and national well-being, there are strong links between a woman’s education and her employment and income and when women are adequately educated, everyone benefits but when women are deprived of an education, individuals, families, and children, as well as the societies in which they live, suffer.

Shipping Sustainability

Shipping has always been an international and highly competitive industry that cannot afford to lose talents. Sustainability refers to the aim for companies to remain profitable, the awareness of societal demands on how people are treated and the awareness of risks and effects associated with carbon emissions, ocean health and other elements. In order to achieve maritime sustainability, core maritime knowledge and skill are required.

Why we developed the Advance Certificate in Maritime Business?

Because WE CARE: WMA Social Responsibility

The MAR-EVA course

The course is composed by 6 modules (4 core and 2 optional) and covers all vital areas of the shipping industry and delivers an in-depth understanding allowing participants to gain practical knowledge and to be able to apply this knowledge to the real shipping world.

Compulsory Modules

  1. The Shipping Business
  2. Shipping Management
  3. Maritime Economics
  4. Carriage of Goods by Sea

Optional Modules (participants choose 2 modules from below)

Currently available to choose from:

  • Shipping Finance
  • Shipping Law & the Law of the Sea
  • Port Management
  • Marine Insurance
  • Shipping Logistics
  • Short Sea Shipping

More modules will be made available too:

  • IT for shipping
  • Shipping Regulations
  • Liner Trade
  • Ship Registration
  • Ship Classification

The course is delivered and examined in English.

The MAR-EVA Instructors

Modules are delivered by 20 top shipping women professionals, from all over the world with accumulated years of experience in the shipping market.

All MAR-EVA Instructors offer their services free of charge.

Meet the Mar-Eva Instructors

The MAR-EVA Advisory Committee

The Mar-Eva Advisory Committee was established to ensure that periodic consultation is undertaken with relevant external members as part of the ongoing development and management of the Advance Certificate in Maritime Business.

The members are 10 top shipping women professionals, from all over the world with accumulated years of experience in the shipping market and chaired by Dr Katerina Konsta.

Meet the Mar-Eva Advisory Committee

The MAR-EVA Supporters

Companies, national and international organizations can become supporters of the Advance Certificate in Maritime Business. Signing up as a supporter does not entail any financial obligation.

Our supporters so far, are: RINA, Minoan Lines – Grimaldi Group of Companies, The Swedish Club, Total  Marine Solutions, ELNAVI and Chios Marine Club.

Meet  the Mar-Eva Supporters

Our mentality towards social responsibility is to support people and not genders. If you do not qualify for MAR-EVA, check out the Shaping the Future Series and feel free to attend the free Baltic 99 course.


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