Maritime innovation save lives: New Medical App - Mariners Medico Guide


Gard and the Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine have also launched a new international digital medical guide to improve medical treatment on board and potentially save lives, the P&I Club said recently.

You will have free access to the Mariners Medico Guide, approved by the Norwegian Flag State as its equivalent national medical guide to the WHO International Medical Guide for Ships. Developed by Gard and the Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine to improve health protection and medical care of seafarers onboard ships.


The Mariners Medico Guide differs from other ship medical guides in several ways. As it is digital, it can be quickly and easily updated. Moreover, it covers both physical and mental health issues, using a symptom-based approach. Designed and written by doctors specialised in maritime medicine, guidance is set out in simple steps and language, for users with limited medical experience and reduced accessibility to medications and medical equipment.

“We have used our knowledge about crew claims to promote this tool for better medical treatment on board. I am immensely proud of the Mariners Medico Guide and truly believe it can make a difference to crew health and wellbeing. I really hope it will be actively used to the benefit of the many thousands of seafarers exposed to the risk of illness and injury,” said Christen Guddal, Chief Claims Officer and project sponsor.

His message was echoed by Dr Jon Magnus Haga, leader of the Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine at the University Hospital in Bergen, who said the app would complement their telemedical services and “facilitate better access to basic health care for all seafarers.”

Flag State approved

The MMG is Flag State approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority as its national equivalent to the 2007 WHO International Medical Guide for Ships. Knut Arild Hareide, Director General of Shipping and Navigation at the Norwegian Maritime Authority, said the App was a much-welcomed innovation.

Download the app directly onto your mobile device or PC to ensure you have full access even when offline. Make sure to be in an area with good mobile coverage when first downloading (approximately 100 MB of content).

To download the Mariners Medico Guide, visit for more information.


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