Seafarers Celebrate Labour Day.


( Labour Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is a global holiday that commemorates the contributions and achievements of the working class. In the maritime industry, seafarers are an integral part of the workforce that keeps the world's shipping trade running smoothly. Therefore, Labour Day is a significant day for seafarers, and it is important to recognize their efforts and sacrifices.

Seafarers are responsible for transporting goods and people across the world's oceans. They play a crucial role in the global economy, as more than 90% of world trade is conducted through shipping. Seafarers work under challenging conditions, facing extreme weather conditions, long hours, and isolation from their families and loved ones for extended periods.

On Labour Day, we acknowledge the hard work and dedication of seafarers. We recognize the sacrifices they make to keep the world's shipping trade moving and the role they play in supporting the global economy. Without the contributions of seafarers, the world's economy would not function effectively.

The maritime industry also provides a significant number of jobs beyond seafaring. The industry is vast, encompassing various professions such as marine engineering, naval architecture, and port management, among others. Labour Day is also an essential day for other professionals in the maritime field. It is a day to reflect on the contributions and achievements of all workers in the maritime industry.

It is important to note that the maritime industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Seafarers have been among the hardest hit, with many experiencing extended contracts, denied shore leave, and difficulties in repatriation due to travel restrictions. It is more important than ever to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of seafarers on this Labour Day, and to advocate for their rights and well-being.

In conclusion, Labour Day is a significant day for seafarers and the maritime industry as a whole. It is a day to recognize the hard work, dedication, and contributions of workers in this industry. As we celebrate this day, let us also remember the challenges faced by seafarers, advocate for their rights and well-being, and strive to create a better working environment for all workers in the maritime industry.


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