Maritime Compliance: Upcoming changes to MARPOL effective 01 May 2024


( The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) is set to undergo significant amendments starting 01 May 2024. These updates aim to further enhance maritime environmental protection, reflecting the global maritime community's ongoing commitment to sustainable shipping practices.

The new provisions will impact various aspects of maritime operations, from the handling and disposal of ship-generated waste to stricter controls on emissions. The upcoming changes are crucial for ship owners, operators, and the broader maritime industry as they align with international efforts to combat environmental pollution and promote a greener future.

This introduction to the changes in MARPOL is intended to provide stakeholders with a preliminary understanding of the modifications and their potential implications on maritime activities.

a. MARPOL Annex V: Regulation 10: The size of vessels that need to maintain a Garbage Record Book is changing (IMO Resolution MEPC.360(79)).

      • WAS: Vessels 400GT and above
      • NOW Vessels 100GT and above

b. MARPOL Annex VI: Appendix V Bunker Delivery Notes (BDNs) will need to include the flashpoint (FP) of the fuel (IMO Resolution MEPC.362(79)), such that:

      • Where FP <70°C: As a definite value
      • Where FP ≥70°C: As a statement that FP has been measured at or above 70°C

c. MARPOL Annex VI: Regulation 14 and Appendix VII: The Mediterranean Sea Area is now designated* as an Emission Control Area (ECA) for Sulphur Dioxide (SOx) and Particulate Matter (PM). In such an ECA, the Sulphur content of fuel oil used on board ships shall not exceed 0.1% mass by mass (m/m). (IMO Resolution MEPC.361(79))

*The amendment will enter into force on 1 May 2024, however, requirements regarding SOx and PM emission will start being enforced from 1 May 2025.


Source: IMO





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