An Innovative Software is Revolutionizing Crew Efficiency for Vessel Vetting Inspections. What is SQLearn's groundbreaking Vetti software?


( Ensuring compliance with the ever-evolving global shipping regulations is paramount for shipping companies, their vessels, and crews. Compliance guarantees lawful and safe operations while facilitating their continued growth and development.

Vetting inspections are a crucial part of the daily routine for shipping companies and their crews. These inspections serve as the primary means for assessing the safety and suitability of each ship for specific purposes, such as transporting particular types of cargo or operating in designated areas. Consequently, favorable results from such inspections are pivotal for securing business deals. However, beyond the technical and functional aspects of ship, the readiness and response of the crew to the entire inspection process are equally critical for success.

These conditions are now met with precision and ease through Vetti, an innovative solution by SQLearn, the specialized maritime online training provider, which is redefining the standards for maritime vetting inspections. Vetti is a cutting-edge software seamlessly integrating with all popular vetting inspection questionnaires such as Rightship’s RISQ, OCIMF’s SIRE 2.0, VIQ, and TMSA frameworks. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of creating custom questionnaires and empowers crews to conduct virtual vessel inspections, thereby obtaining a detailed assessment of the ship’s condition, identifying potential deficiencies, and better preparing for actual inspections.

Vetti not only provides a comprehensive approach to conducting pre-vetting inspections with precision but also serves as a valuable tool for identifying crew training gaps and needs, ensuring that every crew is proficient, compliant, and prepared for any challenge. Also, it provides the crew with the correct answers to each question, according to the SMS and the procedures of each company.

SQLearn's Vetti is designed to enhance compliance and security whilst ensuring continuous
improvement and readiness. It combines a comprehensive framework that guarantees thorough virtual inspections fully compatible with real ones, customization based on the needs of each company and vessel, in-depth data analysis, the highest levels of data security, and a user-friendly design.

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