10 years MIEEK PSM: Supply chain management and maritime studies


(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) The two-year program ‘Supply Chain Management and Maritime Studies’ at MIEEK, Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth, celebrates ten years of operation. In 2016, the program saw its first graduates enter the labor market. In these eight years, some of the program graduates have even managed to climb to managerial positions.

“It is with great satisfaction,” says Mrs. Lina Ellina, Academic Program Coordinator, “that I see almost all of our students find employment in the wider shipping industry and the supply chain before they even graduate. The feedback we get from the industry and reputable academics of reevaluation committees are positive and encouraging.”


The versatile combination of the Supply Chain (which contributes 10% to the national GDP) and of the maritime industry (which contributes an additional 7%) is a qualification that offers graduates multiple employment opportunities. The program boasts an array of activities in and outside teaching classrooms, with emphasis on soft skills and networking. A few examples are participation in Erasmus programs, visits to companies and fairs, guest lectures, and collaborations with other tertiary and professional institutions.

The faculty members come from the industry and bring the latest developments to class as they evolve, long before they become part of textbooks. The language of instruction is Greek, and courses are taught in the afternoon to accommodate working students. The whole program is tuition-free, and students may be eligible for student subsidy (criteria apply). Online registration starts on June 17 (www.mieek.ac.cy) There are no entry exams, but student selection criteria apply.



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