IMO finalises regulations to improve the safety of pilot transfers


( The IMO’s Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue met earlier this month (3 to 14 June) at IMO headquarters in London, chaired by Mr. J. Brouwers (Netherlands), supported by Vice-Chair, Mr. C. Cerda Espejo (Chile).

The session covered a range of key issues, including maritime pilot safety, improving the security and integrity of AIS, and the dissemination of information over multiple recognised mobile satellite services under the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).
Maritime pilots with local knowledge are employed to guide ships into or out of port safely, or wherever navigation may be considered hazardous. Getting pilots on board a ship must be done with the highest safety standards.

To improve compliance and address inconsistencies and ambiguities in existing regulations, the Sub-Committee finalised draft amendments to SOLAS regulation V/23 and associated instruments on the safety of pilot transfer arrangements.

The Sub-Committee also finalised a draft MSC resolution on Performance standards for pilot transfer arrangements, including detailed requirements for design, manufacture, construction, rigging, installation of pilot ladder winch reels, operational readiness, onboard inspection and maintenance, familiarisation and approval in relation to pilot transfer arrangements required under SOLAS regulation V/23.

In addition, the Sub-Committee finalised a draft MSC circular on Voluntary early implementation of the amendments to SOLAS regulation V/23 on pilot transfer arrangements.

All the above will be submitted to the upcoming session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 109) in December 2024, with a view to approval.

There is also a provision of voluntary early implementation for member states.


Source: IMO





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