Paris MoU releases Annual Report on Port State Control for 2023


( The Paris MoU has published its 2023 Annual Report. This report provides an overview of the activities and statistics of the Paris MoU in 2023. Some of the highlights of the report are set out in this press release.

Throughout 2023, the refusals-of-access (bans) issued remained at a lower level than in the pre-COVID period. The number of bans was 11 and seems stable compared to previous years. The detention rate for 2023 (3.81%) is lower than for 2022 (4.25%).

However, the decrease does not result in a percentage close to that of 2019, before COVID-19 (2.98%). The Paris MoU will closely monitor the trend in the coming years. Looking at the detainable deficiencies, there is not a particular convention or part of a convention that shows more non-compliance compared to previous years. There are the usual suspects of areas showing higher recording, both in numbers and relatively.

These are respectively fire safety (SOLAS Chapter II-2: 17.3%), mainly structural and electrical elements of the ship and electrical (SOLAS Chapter II-1: 11.5%) and health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection (MLC title IV: 10,0%).

At deficiency level, ISM (4.8%), fire doors (3.2%) and cleanliness of engine room (1.4%) show high rates of noncompliance.


The Flag and RO Performance Lists have become an important tool for stakeholders within the maritime industry and beyond

In terms of flag performance, there are no major changes compared to the previous years. The number of low performing flags remains stable at a lower level than before COVID-19. Additionally, although the detention rate is relatively high, the distribution of flag States across categories (White, Grey, Black) has not changed substantially.

With regard to RO performance, no deviating trends can be identified regarding the performance categories. A positive observation is that the number of ROs in the lowest performance category remains limited. Nevertheless, there has been an increase in the number of detainable deficiencies with RO responsibility, resulting in more detainable deficiencies attributed to individual ROs. While this does not appear to have an impact on the performance categories, it does show a decline in the quality of some ROs.


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Source: Paris MoU

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