Featured Cyprus based maritime Companies: Oesterreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd


O LloydOesterreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd (OELSR), was originally founded in the Mediterranean with a history dating as far back as 1836.
The family owned Shipping Company is a Full Member of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber (CSC) for almost two decades now and its Chairman, CEO & Partner,
Capt. E. Koch, also holds the position of Vice Chairman of the Cyprus Shipowners Employers Association, CYSEA. Several key members of the OELSR team and the Chairman happily actively participate and contribute in the various SubCommittees of CSC confirming the Company’s strong bond, support and
remarkable relationship with CSC and the Maritime Cluster in Cyprus generally.


Österreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd’s slogan, “Steaming Ahead”, conjures up images of a mighty vessel slicing through the azure waters of the
ocean. The phrase also brings to mind the confidence and determination with which OELSR has developed its operations over the course of its rich 178-year
history. After the firm’s entire relocation in 2001 to Cyprus, it has become a key component of Cyprus’ attractive maritime sector, both facilitating and advocating for its development.

OELSR owns and manages its small, although very strong and sturdy young fleet of 7 vessels (average age of 6.5 yrs), all proudly flying the reputable Cyprus flag from its premises close to the port of Limassol.

OL LINZ & Helicopter Durban SAM_7649(0)

With an accumulation of diverse knowledge and experience with all types of seagoing transport, Container Ships, MPP’s, Bulk Carriers, Reefer Vessels,
Chemical/Oil Tankers, Cruise Vessels, PCC’s, the Company is more focused and specialised in the MPP Segment.

OELSR’s drive for excellence, service, communication and availability is implemented from the Chairman & Partner downward, always aiming at excelling
in the quality of our services to our Customers and Investors alike. We are thrilled to cooperate on a global basis with qualified, professional and
proactive 1st Class National and International Associates, Institutions and Contacts “Cyprus - where great opportunity presents itself for taking positive
steps forward in the number one Shipping Centre in Europe”.


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