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Capital Link 5th Annual Cyprus Shipping Forum

( Capital Link is hosting the 5th Annual Cyprus Shipping Forum on Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 11:00am to 5:30pm Limassol time as a digital conference. “Cyprus Shipping – At the Forefront of Industry Developments Enhancing Competitiveness in a Fast Changing World” The Forum will take place...

Ocean of Solutions to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss

( In the run-up to #WorldOceanDay, Ocean Climate and its members publish a new report, gathering nearly 60 ocean-based solutions to tackle climate change & biodiversity loss.As the largest ecosystem on the planet, it is a pillar of climate regulation and a...
( The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has called for increased collaboration and action to tackle an escalation in the number and severity of attacks in the Gulf of Guinea region, which threatens the lives and well-being of seafarers and the safety of shipping.In a resolution on recommended action to...
( The time is up for the owners of any ships calling at EU ports or anchorages to arrange surveys, required by the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, to identify if hazardous materials including asbestos, are present on board. Will such surveys lead to an unwelcome and unexpected surprise with...