UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) Annual Report 2014


In 2014 1270 accidents (casualties and incidents) were reported to MAIB, these involved 1470 vessels. 33 of these accidents involved only non-commercial vessels, 424 were occupational accidents that did not involve any actual or potential casualty to a vessel. There were 822 accidents involving 953 commercial vessels that involved actual or potential casualties to vessels.

Apart from the Chief Inspector of Marine Accident’s report for 2014, this report includes:

  • overview of accidents reported
  • summary of investigations started
  • details of investigation reports published
  • responses to recommendations issued
  • marine accident statistics

For the fifth year in succession no UK merchant vessels of >100gt were lost. The overall accident rate for UK merchant vessels >100gt was unchanged from 2013 at 88 per 1000 vessels. There were no crew deaths on UK merchant vessels >100gt, and a review of available records from the last 50 years suggests this has never happened before. The average number of deaths over the last 10 years is 4 per year.

Six small UK vessels (<100gt) were lost in 2014 and five crew lost their lives. Four of these were lost in a single accident when the yacht Cheeki Rafiki suffered a detached keel and capsized in the North Atlantic.

Twelve commercial fishing vessels were lost in 2014 compared with 18 in 2013. This compares favourably with the average losses during the last 10 years (19 vessels per year). 75% of the losses were in the small < 15 metre sector.

Eight fishermen lost their lives in 2014 compared with only four lives lost in 2013. The average number of fishermen who lost their lives over the last 10 years is 8.5.

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Source: MAIB

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