Infographic: Treasures lost at sea


Treasures-Lost-At-Sea-infographic (label)You’ve seen the movies, you’ve read the stories, and you’ve dreamed the dreams about finding sunken treasure, but have you ever spent time learning about what hidden gems actually exist at the bottom of the sea? If not, let us give you some insight on the matter. In the following infographic, we’re presenting a handful of documented and unconfirmed treasures that are currently sitting on the ocean floor just waiting to be scooped up by lucky and relentless treasure hunters. We’ll shed light on ships that went down that carried everything from coins and platinum bars to food jars, cannons, and jewels. Whether you are a professional treasure hunter, a history enthusiast, or just interested in learning more about sunken treasure, you are sure to find value in the information outlined in our infographic below.


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