Infographic: 50 incredible facts about water


Water is amazing. It’s a fact. So amazing that we decided to create an infographic featuring 50 Incredible Facts About Water. It’s packed with mind-boggling facts and figures about something that many of us take for granted. From outer space to Canada’s two million lakes, from Martian dirt to the average British toilet, our infographic covers it all.

Do you know how much water astronauts on the International Space Station use to bathe? Or how many litres of water it takes to make the paper for a Sunday Newspaper? Can you believe that the most expensive bottle of water costs more than half a million pounds? Take a look at our infographic to find out these facts and much, much more. Enjoy....



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  1. The water facts provide great learning for adults and schoolchildren alike. Most people do not have any grasp that water is the absolute constant in the sense that it is the same quantity on earth today as when life began. So the real challenge for all of humanity is how to be more frugal with our consumption and more effective with recycling and conservation of reserves.