Infographic: Unfathomable Ocean depths

This infographic reveals just how vast the South Indian Ocean is, and how difficult it will be for search teams to locate the airplane’s black box.

For months we have heard stories of possible ‘locator pings’ from the black box of Flight MH370 being detected in the search area of the Southern Indian Ocean. Although this narrows down the area in which ships are now searching, it may be months before the flight recorders will be found, if at all.

After an Australian vessel, Ocean Shield, again detected deep-sea signals consistent with those from an airplane’s black box, the official leading a multination search expressed hope that crews will begin to find wreckage of a missing Malaysian airliner “within a matter of days.”  “I believe we’re searching in the right area,” Retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston said.

The below infographic  illustrates the enormity of the space that the international search team must still trawl, and the incredible depth of the Southern Indian Ocean.

Warning: It’s veeeeeeeeery deep…



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